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Back in November last year I wrote a series of posts here on all the whizzy new features offered by our updated international employment law resource, Global Edge 2.0.  Since then (I claim only substantial credit for this), the thing has just flown out of the door.

Recent client feedback on it has included these three kind offerings:

In a world where data is key and we all want immediate information, Global Edge is a unique platform that allows me to pull comprehensive digital employment law reports, covering multiple countries, and give high level, on-point advice to my senior leadership team. It helps me to be strategic, knowledgeable and proactive, at the click of a button. While there are other similar products, none of them break down the employment law guidance to the same practical level as Global Edge and the fact I know it is regularly updated and kept accurate is also a key differentiator. I find the “On The Horizon” feature to be very helpful in issue-spotting and briefing regional leadership when planning for the months ahead, and it’s also been particularly helpful during COVID-19, with the raft of new legislation and quickly changing guidance. The “At a Glance” feature is also fantastic, as the questions always seem to tune into something I’ve been asked by the business. You can tell it is written by experienced employment lawyers who know what is a hot topic for business right now.

In the time that we have been using Global Edge, it has become our go-to resource for global HR-related guidance. The horizon scanning feature helps us to stay ahead of the curve and the report personalisation ensures we are only seeing information that is relevant to our business, saving us valuable time in getting to the heart of any given matter. The free trial allowed us to ‘try before we bought’ and in that time, the platform quickly established itself within our team as a game changer. I would definitely recommend you give it a go.

The best thing about Global Edge is the ability to get immediate and up to date guidance on fundamental HR matters in multiple markets without incurring the time or expense of legal fees for routine questions. It is extremely helpful being able to run a report on a particular topic in a particular country and use this as part of a briefing. It has impacted positively day to day by providing an accurate, almost text book guide for an experienced HR professional to be able to read up on and apply to a given situation. It provides the key essentials of information, meaning that these can then be applied to the situational context and then only the more complex questions put to the lawyers. In summary it will save you a lot of time and money and increase your knowledge and experience of HR fundamentals across multiple markets.

And on the back of that, we are delighted to hear this week that GE2 has been shortlisted among a very strong field for the Best Client Service Innovation gong at next month’s 2022 Lawyer Awards dinner in Mayfair.  We will be off to the Grosvenor House in posh frocks and inappropriate shoes again, so please look for us there if you are going.  In the meantime, you can be certain that the Lawyer Awards nod is not given to just any old new client-service product.  Innovation in legal service is not about novelty for the sake of it.  That just generates dreadful gimmicky tat with the lifespan of a gnat whereas GE has been going strong now for over 6 years – just saying.  Instead The Lawyer’s panel of judges are looking for a product which offers a material, practical and durable contribution to making clients’ professional lives easier and more efficient, and so our hopes are high.

Whether it goes alright on the night next month or not, to find out why we are so proud of Global Edge 2.0 and how it can service your immediate international employment resource needs for almost literally pennies in actually literally seconds, just email global.edge@squirepb.com for a no-commitment demo and free trial at your convenience.

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