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Meet Skye Baxter (she/her), a Senior Customer Support Specialist, based in Kansas. In addition to her role supporting HubSpot customers, Skye is a Leadership Council member for HubSpot’s LGBTQ+ Alliance. Read on to learn more about Skye, a typical day in her role, and the communities she’s a part of at HubSpot. 

Tell us about your role as a Senior Customer Support Specialist. What do you do for HubSpot?

I assist our customer base with solving problems within HubSpot. If a part of HubSpot isn’t working correctly, or if they don’t understand how to do something with their tools, I work with them to discover the cause of the issue and show them how to resolve it. This could involve helping build new reports, creating and troubleshooting workflows or sequences, or finding out why they can’t properly use one of their existing tools. We often find that there are tools not available at their current subscription level that would make their job a whole lot easier, and I suggest that they consider an upgrade, and then work with the Growth team to give them a path to doing so.

What does collaboration look like on your team?

Support has a number of team channels. If we run into an issue we can’t solve ourselves, we often seek ideas in those team channels and work with teammates to solve those issues. If we don’t find an answer in that way, we collaborate with the Product Expert team to track down a solution. Finally, we all often have individual team members that we know excel in a particular area within HubSpot and ask each other to take a look.

What’s your favorite part of your job?

I love helping people solve problems. Knowing that I was able to find a solution for somebody and make their day just a little bit better makes me happy.

What do you find the most challenging part of your job?

I often see people at their most frustrated, and while most of our customers are delightful people, sometimes frustration comes through and it can be a challenge to redirect that frustration. On the other hand, when I do solve a problem that frustrated that customer, they are often the happiest when our chat ends.

What are a few ways you balance work and life? How does HubSpot’s flexibility/hybrid work style help with this?

Being a fully remote employee, I have the flexibility to take time if I need it. I have specific metrics that I have to meet in my role each day and throughout the month, but I make sure that I take the days I need to handle any personal days I need, care for my mental health, or spend time working my volunteer positions.

How are you able to bring your whole self to work every day?

I am openly and visibly transgender. I speak about the issues that we in the trans community face every day and educate my team when something particularly difficult is happening. But as I am not only transgender, I share with my team a lot of the other parts of myself. I share my love of music and of movies, participate in different Employee Resource Groups and fun Slack channels, where I make sure everybody knows about my kitties (Yay for #catspotting), and I enjoy my work.

Tell us about any communities at HubSpot you’re a part of.

I’m a member of several communities. I’ll start with the #lgbtqalliance Slack, and the #trans-spectrum-support-group and #neurodiversity-at-hubspot. Knowing that there are others like me at HubSpot, that we can support each other with challenges we might face, eases my mind a lot. For more fun things, there’s #dad-jokes, #gardenspot, #musicspot, and #dnd.

What surprised you most about working at HubSpot?

How collaborative HubSpot is. Our teams don’t like to compete with each other, and unlike the atmosphere in many other workplaces, we aren’t trying to be better than everybody else. Instead, we collaborate, find out the weak areas of our teammates and help them better understand those areas so that we all excel. I’ve never experienced a work environment that is so supportive of each other until I started working at HubSpot.

Choose 3-4 words that describe your role at HubSpot.

support, troubleshooting, SFTC

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