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Are you struggling to figure out what you want to do for a job? Well, I’m about to give you some advice that will help speed up this journey for you.

You need to understand a specific framework in order to get the results you want and deserve. The reason you can’t figure out what you want to do is that you don’t understand what your unique value add (UVA) is. What are the aspects of your professional strengths that you would most like to use on a daily basis? When you figure that out, you can take jobs that, by their nature, will make you feel satisfied and happy.

Now, why didn’t they teach us this in school? I don’t know, my friend. But there are a couple of things you can do to figure out your UVA, and it starts with a professional strengths assessment.

Discover Your Professional Strengths & Unlock Your UVA

There are two key areas that I have all my clients start with. At Work It DAILY, we have seven proprietary assessment tools that our members take to unlock their full UVA so they can identify and target companies. But for starters, so I don’t overwhelm you, let’s focus on two easy and free assessment tools.

The first tool is the Communication Style (ISAT) Quiz. Think of your communication style as your workplace personality. This is going to help you understand how others perceive you in the workplace. People perceive innate strengths in you based on your personality/ You need to know that about yourself. You need to know how others see you. And you need to make sure that you’re choosing jobs that play to the strengths of this workplace personality, this communication style.

The second tool is the Career Decoder Quiz. This quiz will tell you what your top workplace personas are (aka how you like to do tasks and add value at work). There are eight workplace personas, eight ways that we create value on the job, and we can do all of them, but we tend to prefer two or three. When you know what your top three workplace personas are, you can then take your personality and your personas and start to match them to careers that are going to be a fit for you, careers that are going to make you feel satisfied and successful on a daily basis.

When we put personality and personas together, we can help you identify career paths that will be the right fit for you. To make this easier, I put together a free Professional Strengths Workbook you can download that will walk you through taking these two quizzes and how to assess the results.

This is going to empower you and help you unlock your UVA. Better yet, when you talk to employers in your job search, you now understand what you need to market about yourself so that they see you as a fit because when you know more about your personality and your personas you can leverage those as strengths in job interviews to get the job.

You need to start doing a professional strengths assessment to unlock your personality and your personas, and this will get you on the right path.

Good luck, and go get ’em!

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