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If I wanted to get a job interview within one week, here’s what I would do as a 20-year career coaching veteran who has helped thousands of people get new, better-paying jobs.

Step-By-Step Guide: How To Get A Job Interview In 1 Week!

The first thing I would do is find 10 jobs for which I am 100% qualified and a good fit. Not overqualified or underqualified—100% qualified. It would take me a little while to research jobs on various job boards that fit that criteria, but once I do, I would not apply on the job boards.

The second thing I would do is find the companies’ career pages and make sure those jobs really exist because there are a lot of fake/bogus jobs on job boards. So go over to the actual careers page for each company you’re thinking about applying to and make sure that the job posting is there and it’s open and active.

Once I do that, I would apply directly on each company’s career page, but only because when I get an interview, they’re going to need my information in the system. So I’m not applying through the career pages thinking I’m getting job interviews from them. I’m applying because I’m preparing myself for when I actually get the interview.

When I apply for those 10 jobs, I would fill in every field in the job applications because I know that some of these applicant tracking systems (ATS) can make you less of a match for the job if you skip or don’t fill in a field.

After I’ve applied through the career pages, I would move on to the real work that would help me stand out and get that job interview. I would write up a short connection story about why I think each company is amazing. And it’s not because I think they have the greatest benefits or I heard they’re a good place to work. I want to talk about what I nerd out on or what I care about as it relates to their business. How do I know that what they do, what they sell, is really fantastic? Where did I learn that in my own life?

This connection story is my secret sauce for when I reach out and connect with people at each company because when you tell a good connection story and you can tell someone who already works there why you think their company is so amazing and can give that custom reason why, you stand out. You are going that extra step and making yourself come alive to that person.

Once I’ve written a connection story for each company I’m applying to, I would research people who work at those companies, and not the recruiter or HR manager. I would try to find the hiring manager. I would try to find people who work in the department I’d be working in, who have job titles I want to have. Ideally, I would find five people at each company to connect with, and then I would send each person a custom connection request on LinkedIn. I would say something like, “Hey! Can we connect? I’d love to share a quick story about why your company’s so amazing.” Not every person will connect with me, but many will.

For those who do, I would then message them my connection story. Here’s an example:

“Thank you! Here’s the story of why I think your company is amazing. (Insert your connection story.) P.S. I’m so inspired by your company that I just applied for your XYZ job. I would be so grateful if you gave me your one best tip for standing out in the hiring process.”

Notice I’m not asking them to introduce me to the hiring manager or put in a good word for me. I am asking them for their expertise—their one top tip for standing out. People love to give advice after you’ve just complimented the company sincerely. They can message you back the advice, but you know what else happens? They look at your LinkedIn profile, and sometimes they forward you to the hiring manager.

I help people every day inside Work It DAILY get interviews by back-channeling (the technique I shared above). It really works. You’re going to get rejected through the online application, but by sharing your connection story on LinkedIn, you’ll stand out to hiring managers no matter how much competition there is for the position you want.

Good luck, and go get ’em!

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