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In this article, I’m going to tell you how to make a great first impression when you get asked the question, “What do you do?” I’ve been teaching you the basics of how to craft this message. But now, we’re going to dive a little deeper.

Never Answer With Your Job Title!

Just to do a quick recap, the first thing you need to know is to never, ever answer, “What do you do?” with your job title. It’s a wasted opportunity.

Second, you need to answer these three questions:

“What do you love to do?””How do you do it?””What are you going to do with it?”

The last thing you need to know is to incorporate and assess your personality and your workplace personas. How do you like to deliver value? Make sure that your answer incorporates those things.

What Is Your Workplace Persona?

A workplace persona is the way you best communicate with your colleagues and get work done. It’s how you like to create value at work using your professional strengths. If you don’t know what your workplace persona is, I’ve got the FREE quiz here!

In my case, I am a commander. I’m a take-charge kind of gal. But I’m also an energizer, which means I’m going to deliver with energy and I’m going to try to convey in my explanation that I’m a mentor. I really want to be a visionary. I want to change the world. I am an optimizer. That’s the message I want to get across.

If you asked me the question, “What do you do?” I’m going to respond with something like this:

“Well, I love helping people grow their careers. In fact, I’m making it my mission this year to help 10 million people on TikTok grow their careers and land better jobs because school teaches us everything except how to get a job. I know that times are changing and people need this information.”

That answer isn’t perfect, but you get the point! You know why I’m taking charge of this and why it matters to me. Hopefully, that came across in a way that’s more memorable to you.

Managing Your Reputation Is Vital To Achieving Career Success

Everyone has the opportunity to do this. You don’t have to be outgoing, but you do have to understand what your workplace persona is and how to use it to your advantage.

Don’t waste a valuable opportunity to build your reputation! People cringe when they hear “personal branding,” but I can’t say it enough. It’s just reputation management.

Your reputation matters. And when a recession hits and you lose your job, that is not the time to start managing it. The time is now.

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