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I am pleased to announce that after much hard work and complex analyses, my fellow authors and I have successfully proven through a quantitative research study (Journal of Applied Marketing Analytics) a new measure that quantifies your organization’s marketing analytics orientation (MAO).

It identifies the factors that help your organization become more analytically focused on improving marketing performance. Practitioners can use the survey to understand issues and opportunities to optimize how people, processes, and technology are deployed. This study will help you improve decision-making in your organization.

I congratulate my fellow authors Mark Weber, a marketing research leader in financial services, and Ed Lucio, the lead data scientist from ASB Bank in New Zealand.

Why is this important, you ask?

When publishing research, it is essential to match your study to a journal with the right audience and research agenda, which is what we’ve done here. We decided to publish in a more practitioner-focused journal that balances theory and practice so the study could be more beneficial for marketers.

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For those familiar with quantitative research, you may be interested in the following:

When researching any new construct or phenomenon, it is not enough to only publish an exploratory study; you must quantitatively prove through statistical analyses and modeling that the findings are valid. This includes a measurement model and a structural model, and various other statistical tests. The results are then further validated by peers. See the links below to the qualitative and quantitative peer-reviewed journal articles.

Qualitative Study on Marketing Analytics (Published by Journal of Marketing Analytics: 2018)Quantitative Study on Marketing Analytics (Published by Journal of Applied Marketing Analytics in Volume 8 to be released shortly)

Let me know your thoughts and how MAO can be used to assess your marketing analytics organization.

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