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One Central Place To Access the Latest Labour and Employment Technology and Insights

Last year, we launched our new Global Labour and Employment Resource Hub, and we have continually updated it with new content. Since our launch, we have added new features, such as:

Diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) “at-a-glance” charts (covering matters from data collection, to sexual harassment, pay equity and beyond) free on Global Edge Lite (GE Lite)
Workforce WorldView Podcast, our newly launched podcast series
Access to our simple, free dual-language French labour law app SPB: Actualité en Droit Social

Our Global Labour and Employment Resource Hub is aimed at employment counsel and senior HR professionals who are managing workforces across multiple jurisdictions. It provides one central place where you can access information and resources quickly. If you then need more comprehensive support, we can deliver this cost-effectively through the Global Edge subscription service or our global team of labour and employment lawyers.

For a quick overview of the features and how to access information on the resource hub, please watch our short video.

Features include:

Global Edge – Our award-winning subscription-based product that provides instant access to the latest global employment-law developments with regularly updated extensive content, with access to up to 29 key topics from 39 countries (and the EU).
Global Edge Lite – The compact version of our award-winning subscription-based Global Edge service. Covering over 30 key jurisdictions, GE Lite is entirely free to use and allows you to access commercial and pragmatic information on some of the issues we most commonly receive questions about from clients, which can be compared across regions at the click of a button.
Knowledge Hub – Access all of the free-of-charge digital tools and services, including:

Global HR Audit – Provides a report of mandatory, strongly recommended and “nice to have” HR documents and policies, at both individual country and global policy level, to assist businesses with their strategic HR agendas.
Employment Law Worldview blog – Aims to interest, educate and to stimulate discussion. It provides a unique global insight into practical and legal HR issues relevant to employers everywhere.
Insights and events – Provide access to the latest commentary and analyses of key legal developments and hot employment issues in jurisdictions around the world.
Workforce WorldView Podcast – Explore the dynamic world of labour, employment and business immigration law through our podcast series, Workforce WorldView.
SPB: Actualité en Droit Social – Access our simple, free dual-language French labour law app that enables employers with operations in France to keep abreast of the myriad of labour law legal developments, government reforms and case law evolution.
Thought Leadership Library – Provides access to a variety of thought leadership materials, on a broad range of labour and employment topics, including our global guides.

In the Spotlight – Regularly showcases one of our latest employment law resources that support global employment counsel and senior HR leaders.

We always welcome feedback and suggestions on our added-value products and materials. Please do contact Daniela Douse should you have anything that you wish to share.

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